Introducing Plympton on Audible Channels!


We here at Plympton are excited to announce that a project we’ve been working hard on for the past year has finally come to fruition! Audible, in a collaborative effort to expand the reach of short-form audio, recently launched a new subscription service, Channels.

The press is excited, too.

Plympton worked closely with Audible and the Channels team to curate a high-quality collection of notable short fiction and nonfiction by both established and emerging authors.

We’re especially proud that many of the stories featured on Channels were originally published through Plympton, as DailyLit Originals. We’d like to give a special shout-out to our talented cover designers: Juan Sebastián Pinto-DíazEd Gaither, and Aaron Perry-Zucker.

We hope you enjoy this one-stop platform for diverse, quality short-form programming, from us to your earbuds.