Yiying Lu’s New Plympton Logo

The fabulous artist Yiying Lu has given Plympton a facelift and designed a bold new wordmark. Yiying’s clients have included Disney, Twitter, Scholastic, and even Conan O’Brien. So we are thrilled she took the time to design the Plympton logo. (The fact that she collaborated on the Dumpling Emoji with Plympton co-founder Jennifer 8. Lee may have helped).


Yiying’s new Plympton logos

Yiying’s new Plympton logos


Salient examples of Yiying’s work include the beloved “Fail Whale”, the erstwhile logo of Twitter service outages which helped her gain worldwide fame. More recently she redesigned that whale for Conan O’Brien’s website.

Her eclectic style is informed by work in many different visual mediums including web design, illustration, origami, dolls, and packaging.

Yiying’s work is typified by vibrant colors and joyous characters, often animals. But she also is equally experienced in corporate branding and delivering to companies styles that fit their needs. Her design for Plympton is an understated departure from her harlequin mode. It opts for a striking stencil look that evokes a classic printer’s ink style.

The Plympton  “P” is a take on the paragraph or pilcrowsymbol.

You can see more of Yiying’s work on her website